Dr. Paramjit Kaur

Director's Blog

From Desperation to Dream Realization

Dear All,

Chasing our dreams can sometimes feel like we are running in circles, getting more frustrated with each step. But what if the secret to achieving our goals lies not in a desperate chase, but in taking a calm, steady approach?

It's a strange truth: the harder we chase something, the more it seems to slip away. Like trying to catch a butterfly by running after it, our frantic efforts often scare it away. But if we stay still and enjoy the moment, the butterfly might just come to us. This is a natural law that reminds us not to get too desperate.

Nature teaches us through the rustling leaves, flowing tides, and silent orbits of planets. Everything has its season and rhythm. Our desires follow this natural order too. When we cling too desperately, they fly away like scared birds. But when we go with the flow, they come back to us, bringing gifts.

Inner peace is like the VIP lounge for our dreams—no room for desperation. When we are calm and content, our dreams have the space to flourish without being suffocated.

Here’s how you can calmly work towards your dreams.

1. Keep a Routine: Stick to your daily activities. They give you stability.

2. Engage in different activities: Don’t just play the same track on repeat by focusing all your energy on one thing. Doing things differently keeps one fresh and prevents burnout.

3. Be Present: Live in the moment. Enjoy your coffee, take in your surroundings, and be present to reduce anxiety about the future.

4. Good vibes only: Keep a positive outlook. Believe in your ability to achieve your goals and stay resilient through challenges.

5. Go with the Flow: Accept that certain things are beyond your control. This doesn’t mean giving up, but rather adapting as needed.

6. Take Care of Yourself: Make sure you are getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising. It’s the ultimate playlist for a sound mind.

7. Spend Time in Nature: Being outdoors can be incredibly grounding and inspiring to clear your mind and find peace.


 “Don't chase too hard, let patience be your art,

With calm and grace, dreams find their start.”